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Be prepared for anything with a Point Two Air Jacket!


In the event of a fall, the Point Two Air Jacket instantly inflates to absorb shock, distribute impact to support your spinal column and offer protection for your collarbones, ribs, coccyx, neck and internal organs. It is also exceptionally effective against crush injuries.

When mounted you attach your air jacket's lanyard to a saddle attachment put on the front of your saddle. The jacket is then inflated when enough weight pulls the lanyard from the jacket (in this case a fall from a horse) triggering the canister and inflating the jacket. This all happens under a second to ensure it is inflated before impact. All jackets come ready to use with a bungee lanyard, saddle attachment and a canister.

Air Jacket Inflated


Point Two Air Vests are worn by a variety of riders from top level eventers to leisure riders. They are not compulsory for competitions however many competitors do still wear them, and here's why.

  • They can provide approximately 45% more protection for the lower spine than a level 3 body protector.
  • They reduce the risk of rib fractures and underlying organ damage by at least 20%
  • Used in combination with a level 3 body protector they improve protection to the spine by up to 69%
  • Offer better impact protection in a rotational fall than a body protector
  • Significantly improved protection against impact over the upper body, spine and back of the pelvis and neck compared to a body protector
  • They are lightweight and less bulky than a body protector, therefore you are more inclined to wear it daily, feeling comfortable but still protected.

Still unsure? Have a read of a customer review.

Customer Review


In order to work correctly Point Two Air Jackets must be fitted by a qualified fitter. Here at Eland Lodge all of our in store staff are trained and certified by a Point Two representative in the fitting a Point Two Jacket, and in it's features and technology. They are also trained in how to set off an air jacket, which we do on all customers purchasing an air jacket, this confirms the fit is correct when the jacket is inflated. Therefore if you are thinking of purchasing an air jacket, or would just like some information then pop into store and speak to a member of staff.


ProAir Air Jacket

The Point Two ProAir can be worn on it's own or over a body protector. The ProAir, unlike other air jackets features three adjustable straps, therefore you can allow for extra room when wearing it over a body protector. For cross country competition, the ProAir is required, by the organisers, to be worn with a BETA approved Level 3 body protector.


The Hunter is named after it's purpose, for hunting. Designed to suit Hunt riders it utilizes the same air bag and coverage as the ProAir vest but gets secured by a zipper instead of buckles. This refines the silhouette without changing the comfort or protection. Point Two created this in response to riders who wanted a more fashionable, neater looking vest, but still wanted top-level safety features.


The Point Two P2RS Hybrid Air Jacket is a combination of an Air Jacket and a Body Protector in one. Built around the RS2010 RaceSafe Body Protector, which is approved to BETA 2009 Level 3 it features Point Two air vest technology to create an all-in-one “hybrid”. It's main difference from other air jackets is that it fits the same as a body protector, therefore won't cover as much of your back as otherwise it would get in the way of your saddle. If you are always going to wear a body protector and air jacket together than this may be a choice for you. Just remember, with the all in one, you don't have the option to wear them separately, which may be useful on a warm days riding, this is where the ProAir may be more suitable.

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On Sunday 17th March 2019 it will be our final Point Two Arena Eventing of the winter season. To celebrate this we will have exclusive in store offers. There will also be a representative from Point Two in store, who will be able to answer any questions and offer free fitting and advice on Point Two Air Jackets. For more information on the exclusive offers see our Facebook page soon!

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