Adult Riding Camps: Mock One Day Events

The Eland Lodge Adult Riding Camps end with a fun mock One Day Event. Riders to put into practice what they have learned during their time at camp with a dressage test, showjumping round and cross country ride. The emphasis of the mock ODE is all about having fun with your horse and achieving your goals – it’s not a competition!


The first thing you need to do is pick the dressage test you want to do – click here to see which tests you can choose from. The options start at a walk trot Intro test, up to a Novice test. The dressage tests are held on the grass arenas in dressage boards – you’ll be able to practice in these before the ODE.

Top tips

  • Try to learn as much of your test as possible – even if you don’t remember it all it’s much easier when your familiar with the test.
  • You can ask a fellow camper to read your dressage test for you – callers are allowed.
  • You can use your choice of tack, bit, boots etc – it doesn’t matter if they aren’t BD legal.
  • You don’t have to plait or wear smart/show gear – but you can if you like.


The showjumping course is in the arena, with a separate warm up area also in an arena. The showjumping course will be set at whatever height you’re confident at.

Top tips

  • Talk to your instructor during the showjumping session about what course you’re aiming for
  • Jumps can be set to any height - whether this is the tiniest crosspole, a course without fillers, a course with fillers or you’re aiming to achieve a clear 1.10m course.
  • You can use your choice of tack, bit, boots etc.
  • You don’t have to plait or wear smart/show gear – but you can if you like.

Cross Country

The Cross Country phase is held over our BE XC course. This phase is all about achieving your goals – there’s no pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Our participants come to camp with a huge range of XC goals – whether it’s to ride through the start box and trot round the flat parts of the course, to canter on grass or to achieve just one jump, all the way through to people who are looking to achieve a clear round in preparation for a competition. This phase is all about fun and achieving your goals.

Top tips

  • There’s jumping options at 50cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm & 1m (plus selected BE Novice fences).
  • Speak to your instructors during the XC session about which jumps to aim for.
  • Only jump fences which you’ve practiced under supervision.
  • Instructors will be based at various stations around the course to help you achieve your goals.
  • You can use your choice of tack, bit, boots etc.
  • The appropriate safety wear must be worn at all times on the Cross Country Course – a peakless hat and a body protector is essential.
  • Smile! Bill Parrott Photography will be capturing your best jumps!
Mock One Day Even: Showjumping