Huge Summer sale FOR YOUR HORSE!

Take a look at some of our top Summer Sale items for your horse, in store or online!

Eskadron Brilliant Dura Saddle Pad

RRP: £69.95, now just £55.96!
Available in the gorgeous colours Jade or Steel Grey.

The Eskadron Brilliant Dura Saddle Pad is a smart and unique looking cloth. This beautiful pad is perfect for everyday use. With its sleek and stylish look and its medium quilting and a soft cotton lining, it will keep your horse very comfortable and looking their best.  The stunning detailing completes the look on this sophisticated saddle pad which is so elegant and neat looking, it can also be used for competitions or outings!

Schockemohle Fly Veil Style

RRP: £26.95, now only £20.21!
Available in the colours Dark Green/Moss.

The Schockemohle Fly Veil style will keep your horse happy and protected from those aggravating flies this summer. Whether you’re out on a hack or competing, this smart and beautiful Fly Veil means your horse can stay relaxed and perform better without the stress of flies. The flexible, elasticated veil means that your horses ears still have freedom and are comfortable, but they’re protected and look stylish!

Horseware Amigo Aussie All-rounder

RRP: £77.95, now £54.57!
Available in the sizes 6.0, 6.9, 7.0

The Horseware Amigo Aussie All-rounder has been crafted to protect your horse’s coat from UV damage whilst keeping the flies away. It is also breathable and water resistant, meaning this is the ultimate all-rounder rug! Its breathable and lightweight material means your horse can stay cool and protected in the heat, and on those dull summer days when it’s drizzling, its water resistant layer means some rain is no problem at all.

Amerigo Flash Bridle with Reins

RRP: £245.00, now £183.75!
Available in the sizes COB and FULL in the classic colour black.

The Amerigo Flash Bridle with Reins is a beautifully crafted and most importantly, comfortable piece of equipment for your horse. The soft padded headpiece on the bridle relieves poll pressure to increase your horses comfort and way of going.  With the bridle being easily adjustable on both sides, it will fit your horse perfectly. Its padded buckles over the sensitive facial nerves in the jawbone area means that your horse will be performing at its best due to the superior comfort that the bridle provides. Its classic, smart look means that this bridle is perfect for not just everyday use but competing and outings too!

Horseware Cooler Rug

RRP: £38.95, now £31.16!
Available in the sizes 6.0, 6.9, 7.0

The Horseware Cooler rug is a clever and light weight designed rug. It wicks away moisture from your horse after intense exercise or for example, a bath. This rug has a single front closure meaning air can flow through the rug to wick away moisture and dry your horse. Perfect for after a long, hot hack or big day out competing when your horse would get very sweaty!

Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Fetlock Boots

RRP: £141.00, now £84.60!
Limited stock- available in Size Medium

The Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Fetlock Boots give off a sophisticated look with its feature of innovative Techno Sheepskin lining, which is a man-made material that gives the same appearance as real sheepskin! This boot provides superb protection and ventilation for your horse. The sheep skin lining of the boot shows off a classy and smart look for summer competing and general fun.

Schockemohle Kosma Jumping Saddle Pad

RRP: £64.50, now £48.38!
Available in Chrome Lilac.

The Schockemohle Kosma Jumping Saddle Pad is a stunning unique pad ideal for show jumping competitions. Designed with attention to detail the saddle pads diamond quilting will give your horse that show wow factor! The quick dry material of the cloth also means that any moisture will be wicked away and dried from your horse, meaning they can stay comfortable when in the show jumping ring. This pad is perfect if you want your horse looking and feeling glamourous to perform their best!

Amerigo Vespucci Grackle

RRP: £260.00, now £195.00.
Very limited stock, available in COB and the colour black. Shop now to avoid disappointment!

The Amerigo Vespucci Grackle is a classy designed bridle created with comfort in mind for your horse. The soft padded head piece relieves poll pressure ensuring your horse can work in a pleasant and relaxed way. The noseband is very easily adjustable on both sides so it will fit your horse correctly. The padded buckles on the sensitive facial areas also means that the facial nerves in the jaw bone area won’t be affected or damaged when riding in this wonderful bridle.

Masta Fleece Hood

RRP: £55, now £27.50!
Limited stock- available in Size Medium

The Masta Fleece Hood will keep your horse dry and clean and with a summer full of competing, this rug is a must have! Lots of competing means you’ll need your horse spotless. This rug ensures that after a bath and time in the stable or field, your horse will stay clean and shiny no matter what! The pull on hood means it’s quick and easy to put on your horse and the animal print design on it will mean they look stylish too!

Veredus TRPro Fetlock boot

RRP: £40.00, now £28.00.
Limited stock, available in size SMALL and the colour Chocolate/Chestnut.

The Veredus TRPro Fetlock boot is designed to protect. With reduced thickness in the boots and its light weight, it’s ideal for competing. The simple look of the boot means it’s perfect for everyday use too. The two elastic straps ensure that your horse has a snug and great fit. They’re also waterproof, very easy to wash and the tough Lycra edging means that these boots are long lasting.

Ps of Sweden Polo Bandages

RRP: £30.00. Now £24.00!
Available in the colour Pale Pink/Rose.

The PS of Sweden Polo Bandages support the ligaments and tendons on the horse's lower legs. Not only do they protect your horse’s legs, but the dazzling colour of the bandages means that your horse will look amazing too. These bandages are perfect for some summer dressage training!

Schockemohle Dynamic Dressage Square

RRP: £45.00, now £33.75!

The Schockemohle Dynamic Dressage Square has a gorgeous, simple yet stylish design. This cotton pad is trimmed with red and white contrast rope and binding that really stands out! With the classy Schockemohle sports logo on the side of the pad, it shows off its sophisticated design.

Eskadron Heritage Fleece Bandages

RRP: £31.95, now £25.56.
Available in the colours Black Glitter and Nude.

The Eskadron Heritage Fleece Bandages are made from a soft elastic fleece, which means they can be put and wrapped on your horse’s legs securely. The Velcro fastening also means they are easy to put on and take off quickly. These lovely fleece bandages include a detachable and rotatable Velcro Eskadron Platinum Piece which really put the look together for your horse, as well as their legs being protected.   They measure 3.5m in length and they come as a set of 4.

Le Mieux Heritage Close Contact Square

RRP: £54.95, now £38.47.
Available in the sizes SMALL/MEDIUM and LARGE. Available in Plum.

The Le Mieux Heritage Close Contact Square is part of the stunning new heritage collection that perfectly combines a traditional look with contemporary fabrics. The stunning quilted saddle pad features luxurious coloured binding on the outside which makes the pad pop! The pad has been created to fit a wider range of more forward cut saddles and D ring tabs ensure that it’s securely fitted to your saddle. The soft bamboo lining means that your horse will have a more comfortable ride and it also absorbs any sweat meaning the pad wont rub on. The pad also offers more girthing loop options so you can fit the most secure position possible for your saddle on the pad.

Le Mieux Heritage Fly Hood

RRP: £29.95, now £20.97.
Available in size MEDIUM in the colour Plum.

Why not match up and get the Le Mieux Heritage Fly Hood too? The fly hood gives off a classy and unique look, especially matched with the saddle pad. The logo is on the front of the hood with beautiful detailing surrounding it. The hood not only protects your horse from the flies this summer, but it softens sounds proving to be perfect for young, green or spooky horses.