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Horsepal is a stable management app that connects to a small sensor under your horse’s rug, which reads their temperature and humidity.  Horsepal gives owners peace of mind that their horses are comfortable in their rug, aiming to lead to better quality of life for the horses and more responsible horse owners.

What's included:

  •  Sensor, Back of Sensor, Battery, Keyring, Button, Lanyard, Puch, QR Code, Adhesive Patch and Pocket

About Horsepal:

Developed by Horseware, this state of the art sensor is designed to fit into the majority of Horse rugs and allows owners to monitor their horse's temperature and humidity from their mobile phone or desktop. Horsepal offers real time data, and stores the history of your horse's well-being. Find out more by watching the video.

How it works:

Simply attach the sensor provided to your horse's blanket, by one of the methods shown in the instructional video. This sensor will monitor your horse's temperature and the humidity inside of the blanket, and collect data for you to download and review. 

The benefit:

By collecting this data, you can monitor your horse's comfort levels and ensure you're rugging up correctly. You can even add users, such as a yard manager, groom or family member, and have them send you data while you're travelling or away from the stables.

How you access the data:

Once you're within 30 feet of the sensor, you can use the Horsepal mobile app to connect to the sensor via bluetooth and download all the data the sensor has collected. You'll be able to access lots of information through the app, but you'll see even more if you log into the Horsepal website from your desktop. 

How often to download:

The sensor will hold up to 3 days of data, so you can download every 3 days to have consistent data on your horse. 

What if my horse rolls? Will the sensor break?

No - if you attach the sensor in the correct place, it shouldn't be damaged when your horse rolls or lies down. For more info on attaching your Horsepal Sensor, watch our 'How to attach your Horsepal' video. 

Battery life:

The battery in each sensor is designed to run for 1-2 years, so you do not need to worry about changing the battery often. 

Is the sensor waterproof?

Yes, but we recommend using it under a waterproof turnout rug, in wet conditions. For best protection, make sure your sensor is also in the Horsepal sensor bag provided. 

Store your horses information:

The Horsepal app also has a stable management function where you can track visits from your vet & farrier, record when horses were wormed, monitor their weight & general health, and more. 

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